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Meera is currently beginning a series of sculptures of women of the Nobel Women's Initiative which will be donated to a museum or university.

Meera's Book
Humanitarians for Justice, Nonviolence, and Peace:
Journey of an Unexpected Sculptor

by Meera Censor

Price - USA: $15 (shipping included)

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Meera has completed a book called Humanitarians for Justice, Nonviolence and Peace, Journey of an Unexpected Sculptor.

The book includes photos of each of the sculptures, plus stories about each of the twenty-one subjects, links to websites related to them and their work, a list of books that I have read and loved about these amazing humanitarians, and my favorite quotes by them. It tells the story of my journey in a simple way. It is a book that children, teachers, and adults can all appreciate.

When my sculpture series is completed, any additional profits from sales of the book will be donated to the organizations founded by these people I so admire.